Bazaar Cattle Pens

bazaar cattle pens
June 30

Between the boys’ soccer and my work, I travel the I-35 interstate between Wichita and Kansas City at least three times a month. About 15 miles south of Emporia is the Bazaar Cattle Crossing.

I don’t know what intrigues me about this area.

February 20

A couple of years ago, the area was redone and received a nice little facelift. It’s a neat little area for a quick view of the Flint Hills.

Sometimes cattle are there. Sometimes they’re not.

May 30

There’s really “nothing” to see. Prairie. Water. Cattle pens. Sky. Dirt road. Old fence. Sky. Grass. Trees. Rocks.

January 20

For some reason the air seems fresher. Cleaner. Vivid. There’s not a building in sight. No people. No civilization. It’s windy.

March 3

How marketing & communications is like having braces


Marketing and communications is like having braces.

Stay with me here.

I have #adultbraces. I never had braces as a kid, so this is my only experience. It’s painful, awkward and annoying. But the end result will be (better be!) straight teeth, a healthy smile and aligned bite.

But it doesn’t happen overnight. Just like your communications efforts don’t happen overnight.

It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.
Yep – I just used that cliché. Teeth don’t move in a week…it takes years. Your awareness efforts do too. So does rebuilding your reputation after a crisis. Anyone who wants results after one month does not understand communications.

It takes monitoring and maintenance.
For the last 18 months, I have gone to the orthodontist every three to four weeks for everything from consultations and teeth molds to having teeth pulled and getting wires tightened. Just like your campaign, you have to constantly monitor what you are doing.

You may have to adjust.
When I started this process, the goal was 24 months to a perfect smile. After a year, it was apparent my teeth were moving at a snail’s pace. The orthodontist had to re-evaluate and try something else. If it’s not working, don’t keep doing it. You may need to try something new.

You are never done.
After my braces are off, my orthodontist said I will have to wear a retainer every night. This ensures that my teeth stay put. It’s the same with your marketing and communications efforts. You are never done. You may have completed a certain campaign, but that doesn’t mean you stop marketing your brand and communicating to your audiences.


High school is the new college

Adam schedule 11-12

At our school district, it’s encouraged that 8th graders complete a study plan while enrolling in their freshman year in high school. This maps out their course of study, and ensures they will graduate with all the credits they need for a high school diploma.

In other words, as a 14-year-old, they are asked to pick a major.

I’m exaggerating. But they are supposed to plan their classes through their senior year. I get it…some classes require prerequisites and they want kids to think ahead so they don’t get stuck without enough time to take the required classes.

Isn’t high school for taking classes in several areas? I would guess most eight graders will probably change their mind about their interests in high school.

On the other hand, the curriculum guide if full of cool classes! Fire science, medical classes, education, marketing and communications, engineering, music, art…you name it, it’s there! And many have an option of earning college credit, so there’s a plus too.

But it also is a bit disheartening…it’s hard enough being a kid without all the pressure of academics, sports and life in general.